Amie's Place Foundation was established by a social worker who became aware of the plight of a woman and her miniature schnauzer named Amie. ("amie" is the French word for friend.) Confined by illness and disability, the woman had great difficulty caring for herself as well as for her trusted and beloved pet. It was during another medical crisis and extended separation of this woman from her Amie that the social worker realized how devastating the possible permanent loss of a pet could be.

Through the help of the social worker and a very special veterinarian, Amie was able to provide a continuing source of healing comfort and joy to her human companion. This relationship continued for many years and became the inspiration and driving force that created Amie's Place Foundation which is dedicated to help others have the same opportunity to stay together and enjoy the miracle of their human-animal bond.

Video: Dr. Lewis Gelfand talks about the importance and effectiveness of Amie's Place Foundation.